questioning your way to faith

September 11, 2013


MISSISSAUGA, Ontario—Never has there been a more critical time for Christians to be able to articulate a rational basis for their faith. Now there’s a new tool to help them do just that.

Questioning Your Way to Faith is the second book from author Dr. Peter Kazmaier. Subtitled “Learning to Disagree without Being Disagreeable,” this short work (121 pages) explores some of the most difficult and polarizing questions facing our world today. And now, for a limited time (until September 21) Wolfsburg Imprints is offering the book to interested readers as part of a promotional giveaway draw through Goodreads.

“In our post-modern culture, tolerance and pluralism are elevated as the highest values and individualism is considered humankinds’ worthiest end,” said Kazmaier. “Those who follow Christ, observing that individualism often leads to rampant consumerism, frequently find their own worldview conflicting with the foundational beliefs of those around them,” he added. Kazmaier wrote the book out of his own experiences trying to respectfully engage in such discussions with those who disagree with his worldview.

In Questioning Your Way to Faith, readers trace the arguments as two friends—each possessing a radically different worldview and philosophy—talk with candour, lucidity, and humour about their disagreements on life’s biggest questions. As they discuss such issues as the origins of evil, morality, what it means to be human, and whether the supernatural is possible, their dialogue models the kind of respectful, thoughtful discussion that allows people to disagree without being disagreeable. No matter which side of these questions readers find themselves on, the book explores ideas sure to provoke new insights and understanding. Each chapter concludes with suggested discussion questions, making the book an excellent resource for small groups, bible studies and book clubs.

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