TORONTO, Ontario — (CANADIAN CHRISTIAN NEWS SERVICE) — Castle Quay Books is pleased to announce the release of the only book that is truly for every woman over 50 entitled The Grace Factor: Makeup Techniques for the Woman over 50.

Just in time for a new look for the new year, professional makeup artist Deborah Williams fills a gap that she noticed among mid-life women when she founded Grace Makeup for Midlife in 2006. “Aging gracefully is about embracing and embellishing. But many women don’t know where to start. The Grace Factor shares the expertise and provides a handbook on how midlife women can achieve their best look, at home, in only five minutes,” says Deborah.

“This is a book about beauty for women who are aging – that is us!” she adds. “In a world that embraces and values youth, every woman will find a WOW moment in The Grace Factor.” The simple techniques that Deborah describes will change the way a woman looks at herself and the way they make themselves up!

“I can’t make you beautiful in the way you were when you were younger. I can’t make you young. But I can help you appreciate what you have. I can make the most of what you have.”


Downloadable cover image: The Grace Factor

The Grace Factor: Makeup Techniques for the Woman over 50 is available at most bookstores, through Parasource Marketing & Distribution Canada or on Castle Quay Books web site.

Soft Cover – ISBN 978-1-927355-83-1- $18.95 in Canada and the USA
e-book – ISBN 978-1-927355-84-8 – $ 9.95 in Canada and the USA

120 pages, full color, size 6″ x 9″

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What people are saying about this book:

“Deborah Williams embodies grace, which, coupled with her innate passion for her craft, allows women of all ages to instantly connect with her. Deborah’s approach to beauty is simple, free from the conventional approach that women are flawed and therefore must conform to the societal standards of beauty. She understands that women wear many faces every day, throughout their journey and the many facets of their lives.
Deborah’s gift helps women to recognize their own beauty by understanding who they are, who they want to be and who they can be. Deborah helps them to discover their own unique features and how to embrace and celebrate them, thus liberating their confidence. This is her gift. This is the grace factor!”
-R. Potrebenko, National Brand Educator, Jane Iredale – Beauty With Brilliance Canada

“Deborah’s colour expertise and proven makeup techniques for the over-50 woman allows every woman to see how makeup can enhance her professional appearance and her beauty. Deborah’s exceptional teaching skills and the Grace Makeup System shows each client how to duplicate that look in her own home. Bravo! Finally, a makeup book specifically for the woman over 50. I highly recommend The Grace Factor to every woman.”
-Diane Craig, President and Founder, Corporate Class Inc.

“Deborah has written a guide to makeup that includes the best tools for application; how to work with the shape of your face and the shape of your eyes; what products work the best for different skin types; and how to celebrate your age. She is a proponent of not trying to mask the features you don’t like but rather accentuating those you do like. I am certain you are going to find answers to questions that have plagued you for years, and you will come away with knowledge that will help you to be the best you can be.”
– Jane Iredale, Founder and President, Iredale Mineral Cosmetics, Ltd

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