Castle Quay Books Announces New Title By Author Dr. Steve A. Brown

Toronto, ON – (Canadian Christian News Service) – Castle Quay Books is pleased to announce the release of a new title by the North American President of Arrow Leadership and author Dr. Steve A. Brown entitled Leading Me: Eight Practices for a Christian Leader’s Most Important Assignment.

In Leading Me you will be given the tools to live a Christ-centered, holistic, sustainable and fruitful life of impact. Grounded in biblical truth, utilizing the latest research and drawing on the proven process of the Arrow Leadership Program, Leading Me provides practical next steps for your most important leadership assignment…”you.”

Steve is a gifted communicator and a leader who draws on years of experience. In the midst of all your leadership responsibilities, leading yourself is at the core. Leading yourself is about cultivating spiritual vibrancy, deepening character, nurturing healthy relationships and leveraging your impact over the long haul. 

Using a Christ-centered and holistic framework, Leading Me will resource you with eight key practices that address common self-leadership challenges and equip you with proven practical strategies to get traction on your most important leadership assignment.

What people are saying about this book:

“Absorb the vital wisdom of this book, and you’ll find yourself leading more like Jesus: less frazzled, more fruitful, less frantic and more fulfilled in the Father’s love. You’ll experience leading as grace rather than as a rat race.” – Ken Shigematsu—Pastor of Tenth Church Vancouver and best-selling author of God in My Everything

“Imagine a treasure box for leaders with everything you could possibly need in it and the whole thing beautifully organized! That’s this book.”– Mark Buchanan—Author of Your Church Is Too Safe

“In Leading Me, Steve Brown has taken leadership development to a new level. In a world filled with tools to help leaders be more successful and have a greater impact, Steve reminds us that we can only lead people as far as we have gone ourselves. While it is full of practical ideas, Leading Me goes deeper to shape the heart of a leader.” – Kirk Giles, President, Promise Keepers Canada

“Profoundly good leaders lead from the inside out. Leading Me will help you to look in the mirror and monitor how you are doing on the inside so that your leadership stays effective for the long-term.” – Bruce Johnson, President, SIM USA

About the Author

For over a decade Steve has directed the Arrow Leadership Program in North America and he now serves as President. Steve has journeyed alongside hundreds of Christian leaders leveraging his leadership experience serving in local church, denominational, parachurch and marketplace roles.

A graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University (H.B.B.A.), Tyndale Seminary (M.Div.) and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (D.Min.), Steve’s goal is to equip leaders to cultivate spiritual vibrancy, develop healthy and holy character, grow deep relationships and leverage their leadership for maximum impact.

Steve is also the author of Great Questions for Leading Well as well as the primary contributor to free leadership e-resources at

Leading Me: Eight Practices for a Christian Leader’s Most Important Assignment is available at most bookstores, through Foundation Distributing Inc Canada.

ISBN 978-1-927355-68-8 Soft Cover

$17.95 in Canada

178 pages, size 6″ x 9″

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