Castle Quay Books Announces Newest Women in Leadership Title

Becoming His Story: Inspiring Women to Leadership
Author Dr. Mary-Elsie Wolfe

TORONTO, Ontario — (CANADIAN CHRISTIAN NEWS SERVICE) — Castle Quay Books is pleased to announce the release of Becoming His Story: Inspiring Women to Leadership by Dr. Mary-Elsie Wolfe, the newest title in their women in ministry leadership series.

Dr. Wolfe, a DMin graduate in culture and leadership, draws upon the stories of women in the New Testament who fully embrace their calling and illustrates the lessons learned through their lives. Her own experiences firmly lead her to believe that “we are all participating in changes that will soon define this period in history!”

She deals with women and men in leadership in a fair and balanced way and believes that “as followers of Jesus, we want to immerse ourselves in this living story while learning from Jesus, living like Jesus and leading like Jesus so we may apply his principles and become transformational participants in the best story ever told.”

Her work notes that in its founding years, Christianity gave women what no other religion or society offered them in that day-regardless of their status or position, they were equal in service in the Kingdom. Changes in the 4th century changed many things but we are now seeing a return to the original model.

With a view towards helping us understand these principles by first identifying our own worldview, and better understanding the culture in which Jesus lived, Mary-Elsie Wolfe applies the values of Jesus to the model for leadership today. She offers us a vision for the future that is leading-edge yet moderate, traditional yet progressive. Drawing upon key Bible stories of women in Jesus’ day, our view of the future is enlarged as believers as she looks at the prominence of women in the early church and then applies key principles in an effective way for our day.

Bishop Keith Elford sums it best when he says, “Mary-Elsie weaves together a tapestry of every-day personal experiences, scholarly sources and devotional thoughts in this book about significant “moments” that women experienced with Jesus in the Gospel of John.”

This book is an important contribution to a new look at this subject. A must-read for everyone interested in the women in leadership discussion.

Author Bio

Dr. Mary-Elsie Wolfe holds a DMin from Fuller Theological Seminary, an MDiv from Tyndale Seminary and an undergraduate in politics. Her doctoral dissertation tackled culture, leadership and global impact. Following an undergraduate degree in Political Science, she served in middle management positions, and then served on the National Leadership Team with The Free Methodist Church in Canada. There, she had physical engagement with work in 8 different countries and the leadership of Quebec churches. She has designed, communicated and promoted national and international projects. Currently, Rev. Dr. Mary-Elsie Wolfe serves as a pastor in St Catharines, ON,

What people are saying about this book:

“This is the best book I have read on the topic of leadership from the perspective of a coaching relationship. As a professional executive leadership coach, I find Mary-Elsie’s treatment of leadership refreshing as well as motivational. She deals with women and men in leadership in a fair and balanced way. Her thoughts about followership are quite insightful for both genders. If you want to learn more about leadership, become renewed in your leadership or have questions about women in leadership this is a must read book.”
Patrick Lattore, PHD – President of PAL~Leadership, former Associate Provost and faculty member at Fuller Theological Seminary.

“How do we draw the reality of women’s experience in the history of the church in a way that doesn’t simply reproduce its lines, but reads between them and redraws them for the future? Mary-Elsie Wolfe shows how in this thin book thick and rich with insights about the past, outlines of the present and outfittings for the future.”
Leonard Sweet, best-selling author, professor (Drew University, George Fox University), and chief contributor to

“Mary-Elsie Wolfe weaves together a tapestry of every-day personal experiences, scholarly sources and devotional thoughts in this book about significant “moments” that women experienced with Jesus in the Gospel of John. She’s not interested in debating the usual Pauline passages on the role of women in Christian communities; instead she invites the reader to watch, listen to, and reflect on some very telling experiences and the underlying message that Jesus was giving about the place of women in his Kingdom.”
Bishop Keith Elford, The Free Methodist Church in Canada/President, Free Methodist World Conference.

Becoming His Story: Inspiring Women to Leadership is available at most bookstores, through Parasource Marketing & Distribution Canada or on Castle Quay Books web site.

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