September 5, 2013

Toronto–A press release distribution network–designed specifically to help non-profit, faith-based organisations with their media relations needs in Canada–is now available.

Canadian Christian News Service (CCNS) offers an efficient, comprehensive and affordable means for Christian newsmakers in this country to get information about their work in front of Canada’s Christian media.

“We specialize in sending good news to good places,” says CCNS partner Karen Stiller, “so the stories that matter about God’s people at work in our world will ultimately be read by the people who care.”

CCNS is owned and operated by WordPress developer and Social Media consultant John Matthews and journalists Patricia Paddey and Karen Stiller.

“Our news release distribution services are built on relationship,” says Paddey. “Years of working in, with, and through Canada’s Christian and mainstream media convinced us of the need for a fast, affordable and reliable means of getting news from Christian organizations into the hands of Christian media.”

“As freelance journalists we’ve seen the amazing stories and work done by Canada’s non-profit faith sector and we also see the need for an efficient, dependable vehicle to get those good stories to good places,” says Stiller. “Using CCNS to distribute a news release ensures it will be handled with integrity, distributed with care, and received by the media with all the attention it deserves.”

Canada’s Christian media, journalists and bloggers are always on the lookout for meaningful stories. Mainstream media, including major daily newspapers across the country, are also increasingly interested in the role of religion in the lives of Canadians and hunting for stories of interest. CCNS will make finding those stories easier than ever.

“We also want to help Christian non-profits to craft the best news releases they can. Telling stories well is part of the package CCNS offers. Anything significant, interesting or new in the life of a Christian organization is fodder for an effective news release,” says Paddey. “Using CCNS also means that non-profits who don’t have the time or resources to maintain up to date press contacts can be ensured their news is reaching the right people at the right time – with all the worry gone.”

CCNS, which is free to the media, is an optional service for the media; those who do not wish to continue receiving news releases from CCNS can opt out at any time.


Contact:   Patricia Paddey (905) 616-1326 or Karen Stiller (905) 982-0697