Anti-trafficking organizations support the film’s message and encourage Canadians to join together in combating the world’s fastest growing crime

TORONTO — (CANADIAN CHRISTIAN NEWS SERVICE) — From the Co-Producers of GOD’S NOT DEAD, CAGED NO MORE is a feature film that raises awareness of human trafficking, helps connect anti-trafficking organizations, and equips parents, schools and churches to aid in trafficking prevention. CAGED NO MORE is now available to pre-order on DVD and will be available to Canadians May 4th, 2016. Free shipping is available in Canada with a pre-order before the film’s May 4th, 2016 DVD release date.

Canadian anti-trafficking organizations have joined together to fight this crime domestically and abroad by raising awareness about the film. Crossroads Christian Communications, Ratanak International, Free-Them, Dalit Freedom Network Canada and the Ottawa Coalition to End Human Trafficking stand in solidarity to educate Canadians about these crimes being committed against many of the world’s most vulnerable people.

CAGED NO MORE is both entertaining and educational,” said the film’s director and producer, Lisa Arnold. “Most people don’t understand how prevalent this issue is… We hope people will see CAGED NO MORE and leave with a passion to become modern-day abolitionists and help us in this fight for the most basic human rights.”

Human trafficking is the world’s fastest growing crime with an estimated 27 million people and nearly 2 million children trapped in sexual slavery. Trafficking exists in every country in the world. This crime is taking place in Canada, where human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation is, to date, the most common manifestation of this crime and where the vast majority of the victims are Canadian women and children.

CAGED NO MORE is the story of Aggie Prejean, a grandmother on a desperate search to find her two granddaughters, Skye and Elle, who have been kidnapped by their sinister father. As the details behind the girls’ disappearance begin to unravel, it’s discovered that they have been taken overseas to be sold into the sex trade. Aggie enlists the help of the girls’ uncle, a well-respected local philanthropist, Richard DuLonde, and his son, Wil, who is former Special Forces. A global hunt ensues, and the team will stop at nothing to see the girls safely returned home.

CAGED NO MORE stars Kevin Sorbo, Emmy-Award winner Loretta Devine, Alan Powell, and Cassidy Gifford with appearances by Kathie Lee Gifford, Gov. Bobby Jindal and Natalie Grant.

The film being distributed in Canada by Tricord Media and is also available for church and event licensing. To purchase CAGED NO MORE to screen at an event, please register for this opportunity online by visiting cagednomoremovie.ca.


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