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November 15, 2013

Flume Productions LogoTORONTO — In an age of rapid technological change, it’s more important than ever for individuals and organizations to maintain and guard their media assets–whether film, audio or video. Now, Flume Productions helps make the process painless, with cost-effective solutions for transferring analog formats into digital files for easier access, smarter storage and long-term preservation.

“We take valuable content that may have once been lost, and make it accessible again,” says Dave Pascoe, owner of Flume Productions Inc., a small, Toronto-based business that specializes in media archiving and digitization for preserving media content.

Magnetic tape formats degrade very quickly so it’s important to think about those old videotapes you may have sitting on a shelf and whether they’re worth protecting.

“Sometimes there’s monetary value,” explains Pascoe. “Sometimes it’s purely historic value. Christian organizations often have extremely valuable content, there’s no question. And once your tape is 15 to 20 years old, you’re on borrowed time as formats become obsolete and the tapes degrade.”

But magnetic tape isn’t the only problem. “My wedding pictures were burned to a DVD data disc,” says Pascoe, “and only seven years later the disc wouldn’t read.”  So, choosing correct archival storage methods is part of the preservation puzzle.

Fortunately, Flume Productions has the ability to work with more than 30 different formats that have become rare or obsolete. They can also guide individuals and organisations in determining the best long term data storage solutions and assist with cataloguing to ensure data is retrievable in the future.

Contact:  Dave Pascoe

Website: www.flumeproductions.com

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