Local Christian Leader Sharing the Gospel with Invisible Tribes of the Amazon Arriving to Speak in Canada

BRAMPTON, Ontario — (CANADIAN CHRISTIAN NEWS SERVICE) — One of the largest missionary agencies in Brazil is preparing to go deep into the jungle. The Evangelical Mission for Assistance to Fishermen (EMAF) is working to reach over 1000 unreached villages along the Purus River located in the Amazon Basin. As EMAF prepares, Marcio Garcia, founder of EMAF is coming to Canada to share incredible stories of working with the tribal communities along the river.

Marcio has been a tireless advocate of justice throughout Brazil. As a Christian, he is passionate about bringing new life, new hope and new opportunity to the impoverished people living in the remote, isolated, underserved villages of the country. After founding EMAF, Marcio and his wife Damaris lived four years on a tiny boat, sharing the life of the fishermen. During that time they sailed the treacherous currents of the Atlantic, witnessing to countless fishing villages. Marcio works with boundless energy and has been described as “half Tarzan and half Mother Teresa” – willing to take boats up channels in heavy fog or complete darkness to help the marginalized residents of the villages. Under Marcio’s leadership, EMAF has grown from a family ministry to one of Brazil’s largest missionary agencies with a full time staff of 130 workers and over 1600 volunteers each year.

“We’re excited to invite you to meet Marcio Garcia of EMAF and hear his motivating stories of faith, restoration and hope firsthand.

EMAF has seen such expansion in their ministry and God has continued to bless them as they share His love. We are so tremendously blessed to have such amazing partners,” says Kevin McKay, president of Partners International Canada.

Hope in Action: Amazon Awakening Dates:
Ontario: September 19 – October 2
British Columbia: October 3 – 9
Manitoba: October 10 – 13
East Coast: October 14 – 17


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Downloadable, high-resolution photos:
Photo 1:Marcio Garcias and his wife, Damaris have served in ministry together for over 30 years. Together with Partners International, they have helped start one of Brazil’s largest local missionary agencies.

Photo 2:Many members of riverside tribes (pictured) along the Purus River in the Amazon Basin have never heard the Gospel. Marcio and his team are working to share God’s love with them.