Catch and Release: $350*
You deliver a ready-to-go news release to CCNS and we release it through the CCNS network. And off it goes.

Edit and Enhance: $500*
CCNS takes your draft release, and makes it even better. We polish, edit, rebuild and re-write when necessary to ensure that the best story is being told in the very best way. Then, we release it through the CCNS network.

Start from Scratch: $750*
You have the facts. We work with you, including interviewing key players for the best quotes possible, to create a news release that will capture the attention of media across Canada. Then, we release it through the CCNS network.

Add distribution to Canada’s major daily newspapers to any package for $200*.

NEW: CCNS has introduced a new list to serve you even better. Your news can now reach 42 Francophone Christian media outlets in Canada as a $100 add-on to any other package.

Each package includes complementary distribution to CCNS’ own social media network including Facebook and Twitter, posting on the CCNS website, and of course, distribution to CCNS’ expanding network of:
·  Editors and reporters in Canadian Christian media from coast to coast
·  Christian radio stations
·  Christian television stations
·  Individual journalists hungry for stories
·  Influential bloggers on high alert for the latest trends
·  International media contacts curious about the Canadian scene
·  You even have the option of major daily newspapers across the country

Do you have questions? We are here to help! Email us for details.

* Applicable taxes (i.e., 13% HST) extra.