EDMONTON –(CANADIAN CHRISTIAN NEWS SERVICE)–RSVP Ministries (formerly Stonecroft Canada) has announced that it will celebrate its 50th anniversary of service to Canadian women by holding a series of 10 outreach events across Canada with the theme Celebrate the Light.

The celebration begins on April 8 in Surrey, BC and continues with events in Regina (April 30): Winnipeg (May 3): Markham (May 7); Ottawa (May 10); Burlington (May 14); Moncton (June 2); Halifax (June 4); Calgary (June 11), and Edmonton (June 13).

“The purpose of our celebration is twofold,” said Donna Lamothe, RSVP Executive Director. “First, we wish to recognize the contribution of the thousands of women who have worked with and supported us to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to women across Canada for the past half century.

“Second, and perhaps more importantly, we are celebrating the launch of our bold new initiative to invite a new generation of women into a relationship with Jesus through an exciting new film series and discussion group format. Our new name, RSVP, indicates that God looks for our response to His invitation and our new resources lead us to consider that.”

More than a year in the making, and produced by professional Canadian filmmakers, the RSVP Invite-Inspire-Invest film experience includes three film formats in each of four trilogies. The Invite films feature real-life stories of four women from across the country; the Inspire films challenge viewers to commit their Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Relational and Emotional selves to Jesus, and the Invest vignettes focus on giving of ourselves, all according to godly principles. The four trilogies – Breathe, Light, Hunger and Freedom are augmented by engaging group discussion questions to help each participant explore faith.

These outstanding resources form the basis of a new RSVP group format designed to prepare a new generation of Canadian women invite, inspire, and invest in a relevant and deeply personal way.

“By watching these films together, individuals will discover how they are the same and how they differ,” Mrs. Lamothe said. “They will learn about Jesus and about what God actually has to say about them. They will learn to not be afraid to ask the big questions and they will be bold enough to believe God will answer.”

Excerpts from the RSVP Invite-Inspire-Invest series will be shown at each Celebrate the Light event.

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Designed with women and small and large groups across the country in mind, RSVP Ministries offers all-new resources and opportunities for inviting, inspiring and investing in women in your community. Prior to January 1, 2016, RSVP Ministries was known as Stonecroft Canada. We have been serving Canadian women since 1966.

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