News Release Preparation and Distribution


You need a well-crafted news release sent through CCNS when:

  • A significant development has occurred in your organization and you want Canada’s faith community to know
  • The public needs to be alerted to an upcoming event
  • You are hoping for in-depth coverage of an issue in the media
  • You want to go beyond your own social media network and ensure that a varied and ever-growing network of thought influencers in Canada hear your story.

Now Share:

When your news release is polished and ready to go, distribute it through the CCNS network of newspapers, radio stations, television stations, websites, bloggers, journalists and others interested in your news. Click here for packages and costs.

At CCNS, we know how to craft attention-grabbing news releases certain to captivate media interest. We know the media who are interested in your stories. Contact us. 

What we can guarantee:

At CCNS we guarantee you the highest level of personalized customer service possible. We guarantee that your release will be sent out to a Canadian Christian distribution list that is constantly being updated, developed and enhanced. We not only pay attention to you, our customers, but we also check in with our media points regularly to make sure they are also satisfied with our service. It is the media’s decision ultimately whether they pursue your story or not. What we can guarantee is that the media like to receive your news, they like how CCNS delivers it, and they pay attention to the releases that come from CCNS. Strategic editors will also save releases for future themes and stories.

For more information on our service and on press releases in general, click here, for a free resource CCNS developed for the Canadian Council of Christian Charities.