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BRAMPTON, Ontario — (CANADIAN CHRISTIAN NEWS SERVICE) — Forgotten and oppressed, the tribal groups of India are amongst the least reached, least resourced people in the world. Living in horrific conditions, they are often forced to perform degrading and demeaning work because they are not recognized within the caste system of India. Ignored by the surrounding communities, they have been cut off from development opportunities leaving them entrenched in poverty, illiteracy, unemployment and alcoholism.

In his desire to see the light of gospel shared, Philip Timoti saw the desperate need in these tribal communities and resolved to bring holistic transformation to those who have been neglected and abused by society.

Through his ministry UPHOLD; a ministry partner of Partners International, Philip started a movement to transition communities that have been mistreated and uncared for over several generations. UPHOLD’s relationship with Partners International allows the organization to train and equip national workers demonstrating God’s love through clean water projects, medical care, counselling, orphanages and church planting.

Philip faces daily spiritual warfare, as the transforming message of Jesus Christ has seen opposition. Their field hospital, which has successfully and inclusively treated over 1500 people for cataracts and malaria, was met with a local temple being built directly behind to counter the message of God’s unconditional love through medical care.

“Philip Timoti works in the most spiritually dark and remote places” states Partners International President, Kevin McKay. “He has been working with the untouchables Dalits for years as well as tribal groups which society has simply forgotten and pushed aside. Whether it’s the untouchables or the forgotten peoples that don’t even register in the caste system, Philip’s frontier team demonstrates God’s love practically by entering into relationship to free the oppressed and love the marginalized.”

Philip is currently traveling in Canada as part of Partners International Canada’s Hope In Action Tour and will be in Alberta from April 19 until 24 and then in Ontario from April 25 until 30. Philip’s work has been profiled in Partners International’s latest video titled, National Workers: Philip Timoti, which is available on their YouTube channel (

Partners International Canada and Uphold Ministries:
Since beginning in 2003, Uphold Ministries has successfully planted 286 churches planted through 324 staff. They currently operate four orphanages that serve 91 children and now work to train over thirty women each year in tailoring. UPHOLD’s national workers use the planted churches as a base to practically minister to their communities regardless of caste, creed or religion through clean water projects, micro finance and medical care. They continue to work with the marginalized people of India through the adoption of two leper colonies where national workers provide spiritual, emotional, medical and economic assistance. Partners International works to bring Canadians into partnership with locally-led Christian ministries like UPHOLD, who specialize in holistic development and are working in the least reached, least resourced areas of the world. Their leaders have the advantage of grassroots knowledge that enables them to overcome the cultural barriers often difficult to conquer by outsiders.


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