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BRAMPTON, Ontario – (CANADIAN CHRISTIAN NEWS SERVICE) – Hatred and separation between people groups have defined a country, but the power of forgiveness has the ability to bring transformation.

Mercy and forgiveness were the focus of a weekend conference led by the Free Evangelical Association of Lebanon (FEAL), a ministry in partnership with Partners International (PI Canada). In a country that has been torn apart by wars of the past, God’s message of forgiveness resonated throughout a packed conference hall of both Christians and Muslims, many hearing the gospel for the first time.

The evangelical community in Lebanon, including 57 local churches, radio stations, television networks and theological schools coordinated a month-long media campaign that culminated in a conference at the end of November. The media campaign saw the distribution of over 40,000 pamphlets and books, each containing powerful testimonies of local believers, while over 11 million people were engaged through social media. These promotional pieces were designed to direct locals to either attend or to use a call-line staffed by FEAL volunteers all prepared to share the Gospel and pray.

The conference had a daily attendance of 1500, with a further 2500 requests for DVDs containing testimonies of local Christians. The excitement surrounding the event was clear. No longer was it just the Christian community coming together, but now it was inviting the Muslim community to participate and join as brothers and sisters.

“This is the long-term vision of our ministry partner,” says PI Canada President, Kevin McKay. “With the current Syrian crisis there are thousands of people that are getting to hear the Word of God for the first time. Forgiveness is counter-cultural and leaves a lasting impression on all who hear it. This conference is one of the ways that FEAL is continuing to build the church in the Middle East.”

As families have been forcibly displaced, they are finding themselves isolated and searching for help. FEAL seeks to train and equip Christian workers that will not only provide practical relief, but also share the unconditional love of Christ with people who have suffered from great tragedy.

For Interviews with PI Canada President, Kevin McKay or FEAL President and Conference Chair, Joseph Najem, or to Request a Written Full Story:
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Click here for photo of PI Conference Chair Joseph Najem (conference chair) and other community groups celebrating coming together for the event.

Click here for a photo of the conference hall, filled to capacity.

About Partners International:
Partners International is a Christian ministry focused on equipping and empowering locally-led Christian leaders that specialize in holistic development since 1963. These leaders have the advantage of grassroots knowledge that enables them to overcome the cultural barriers often difficult to overcome by outsiders.

About the Free Evangelical Association of Lebanon:
FEAL has been a ministry partner of Partners International Canada since 1994. They rely on national workers to serve and minister to people throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. They put their lives at risk to share the love of Jesus with their neighbour and beyond. FEAL is involved in church planting, orphanages, and relief initiatives that reach throughout the MENA region. By training, equipping and releasing Church planters, FEAL is working to rebuild the Church in the Middle East.

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