STOUFFVILLE, Ontario — (CANADIAN CHRISTIAN NEWS SERVICE) — Girls aged 11 to 14 will be inspired and encouraged to embrace their purpose and identity in Christ at the Breakthrough Conference at Springvale Church in Stouffville, Ontario on Saturday April 30, 2016.

Breakthrough Conference features inspirational talks, breakout sessions, and activities that will equip girls to break through the expectations of today’s culture and live lives full of purpose, rooted in their identity in Christ. Topics include: The Beauty Project; You, God & Your Sport; Creative Ways to Tell Others About Jesus; Using What You Have to Change the World Today; Following Jesus; and Worshiping the Creator.

“Today, girls are inundated by pressure from friends, media and the culture at large to look and act a certain way,” says Marianne Deeks, Youth Worker with Youth Unlimited (Toronto YFC), a faith-based charity that believes in the unlimited potential of youth. “For most girls the standard of achievement is very low and the need for approval is very high. Social media are determining the self worth of many girls and the fallout of not enough “likes” can be detrimental to their development,” she says.

According to the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding, “…tweens are increasingly vulnerable to exploitive and manipulative marketing strategies as they are exposed to increasingly mature media content, while lacking (but learning) critical thinking, discernment skills.”

Joni Champion, high school teacher and facilitator says, “It is vital for young women to have a place to learn about ways that they can impact their world – the Breakthrough Conference is a catalyst in making that happen.”

As members of the Christian community, Youth Unlimited exists to help young people in the Greater Toronto Area attain their full life potential, showing love and care for their whole person, and encouraging them to serve God as fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Springvale Church has been considered a leader in Children’s & Youth ministry for over 25 years.

The Breakthrough Conference runs from 9:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (registration at 8:30) and includes live worship through music and art, a morning and afternoon session for parents & leaders and a diverse selection of talks and break-out sessions. Speakers include: Anne Fleetwood, Alex Street, Paul Bartley, Monica Kay, Joni Champion, Shyamala Krishnan, Laura Bronson, Katrina Robert, Karla Kamerman, William Raposo and Daniel Bigu.

Snacks and lunch are also provided. Tickets are $25 each ($30 after April 1st) or $20 each for groups of ten or more.

(reference: http://www.cpyu.org/resource/be-tween/)


Highlight video for Breakthrough Conference

For more information, including a schedule and list of speakers, contact:
Marianne Deeks, Youth Unlimited, mdeeks@rogers.com / Ph: 416-903-0931
Or visit: www.breakthroughjh.ca