TORONTO, Ontario — (CANADIAN CHRISTIAN NEWS SERVICE) — World Relief Canada is pleased to announce an important development in its ministry in Canada and around the world. Effective January 1, 2018 World Relief Canada continues its work with the world’s poor as Tearfund Canada, officially becoming the Canadian expression of the largest network of Church-based relief and development agencies in the world.

“For over 30 years, we have partnered with Tearfund on many projects around the world, often with the same local partners,” says Wayne Johnson, president of what is now Tearfund  Canada. “This is a natural and fitting progression to that relationship and for our relationship with the individuals and communities we serve around the world.”

Tearfund agencies exist in the UK, Ireland, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand, and now Canada and together work to address poverty in over 50 countries. “With the change, we become an official part of this international compassionate Christian network,” says Johnson. “We are excited to become a uniquely Canadian – and still independent – part of the worldwide Tearfund family.”

The name transition is also symbolic of the shared and deep-seated belief that long-term social change can start with the local church. “We see the local village church as part of the largest social service network in the world,” explains Johnson. “We have always been involved with the Church, but we will expand programming in that area. Joining the Tearfund family means our name matches our organizational priority.”

The name change also has a practical element, ending the occasional confusion experienced by donors or media over charities because of the common words “world,” and “relief,” which are used by multiple groups in Canada and abroad.

“The name Tearfund is internationally recognized and respected for its distinct call,” says Wayne Johnson. “We are ending confusion and adding clarity to our mission at the same time.”

The board of Tearfund Canada remains the same. No staff changes will be made because of the name change. The charitable number of Tearfund Canada also remains the same. Donors will not be affected by this change, nor will any memberships or affiliations held by World Relief Canada.


For media interviews or questions:
Wayne Johnson, President Tearfund Canada