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TORONTO–(CANADIAN CHRISTIAN NEWS SERVICE)– Daughters of Eve is a new docudrama miniseries showcasing the extraordinary lives of women from the Old and New Testament. Their stories are told through powerful dramatic reenactments shot on location in the Middle East in stunning ultra-high definition. The miniseries explores women who rose from obscurity, slavery and prejudice to become prophets, judges, queens and mothers who left their mark on history.

The television premiere will feature the stories of Mary, mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene and air on YES TV the evening of Easter Sunday, March 27th at 8/7m.

The series infuses compelling historical narratives from prominent biblical scholars, such as Dr. Craig A. Evans, Professor Claire Pfann, and Dr. Yair Zakovitch combined with stirring reenactments that help bring these stories to modern day audiences.

Episode 1 – Mary, Mother of Jesus: Two thousand years ago, a young, humble Jewish girl from a small village is visited by an angel and told she will give birth to a King. Her son would grow up to declare ‘God’s kingdom has come’, but a short time later she would watch him die a most horrific death. The remarkable story of Mary, Mother of Jesus.

Episode 2 – Mary Magdalene: She’s one of the most beloved, yet controversial of all Bible characters. Was she a prostitute? What were the seven demons that tormented her? Was she just a devoted follower of Jesus or, as some recently claim, his wife? Discover the truth about this mysterious follower of Jesus – Mary Magdalene.

The series also includes the love story of faithful Ruth, tales of the warring prophet Deborah, and the torrid love triangle between sisters Rachel and Leah and their husband, Jacob.

Daughters of Eve will premiere on YES TV Sunday, March 27th at 8/7m with two back-to-back episodes. YES TV will air the remaining four episodes on Sunday, April 6th and 13th. More information about the miniseries is available online at daughtersofeve.ca



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