Local Leader from Nepal Available to Speak on how Nepal Will Begin to Rebuild

Partners International Canada

BRAMPTON, ON. – April 27, 2015 – Since 2000, Partners International Canada has been involved in Nepal through a unique partnership with Good Friends of Nepal, a church planting organization operating in the region since 1996. Partners International Canada focuses on finding and supporting outstanding local leaders already operating within countries with high levels of need. Through our partnership with Good Friends of Nepal and their leader, Bhim Lal, Partners International has been able to see the number of churches in the region grow from 45 to 200, as well as the organization being able to operate an orphanage and establish a literacy program. Partners International seeks to promote holistic transformation within communities around the world and our partnership with Good Friends of Nepal has been immensely successful in spreading the Word of God.

Bhim Lal will be able to contact us at Partners International Canada on April 29, 2015 to provide us with a glimpse into the horrors that the people of Nepal have been experiencing. Since the earthquake on April 25, Bhim Lal has reported that many in Kathmandu have taken to sleeping outside. With thousands trapped in the rubble of collapsed buildings, families are sleeping unprotected in the streets because they are too afraid to go indoors. This morning, Bhim Lal confirmed that many within the city are leaving, getting out into the countryside and away from the destruction that has taken place. With thousands already confirmed dead, Bhim Lal expects the number to rise and anticipates a long rebuilding process for his country. Both Bhim Lal and his organization, Good Friends of Nepal are working with Partners International Canada to prepare to show the love of Christ through their response in Nepal.

Bhim Lal will be available to connect with over a WebEx meeting at 11:00am (EST) on Wednesday, April 29, 2015 to provide further information and a ground view on the rebuilding process that Nepal faces going forward. To join and hear more about the situation in Nepal please email luke.mckee@partnersinternational.ca to receive information on how to connect to the conference call.

Partners International Canada is a Christian nonprofit that specializes in holistic transformation and long-term sustainable development. By partnering with indigenous organizations we are able to provide direct, grassroots assistance to those who need it most. For more information on our response to the Nepal earthquake visit www.partnersinternational.ca/nepalearthquake

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Luke McKee
Communications Coordinator – Partners International Canada

Photo of Bhim Lal

Photo of Nepal street scene after the earthquake